Monday, 6 October 2014

Life of a Contour Fashion student.

I cant believe I'm already a week in! It really is going to quickly, life has been so exciting and fast-paced that I keep feeling that I'm missing something when I have free time!

For our induction week (and to be used in our 2nd term) we had to create a bra and knicker set after de-constructing a store brought set. It was really fun but also at times frustrating but I did learn an awful lot about just how many components go into making a bra. 
I chose to make something based on my own style of lingerie rather than the more commercial styles, and went with a burlesque influence.

I had to go to Chatsworth house for a drawing exercise,  Toby wanted to join as it's 'the mother ship' in his words so we spent a lovely sunny Sunday there, wandering around the gardens and house. I have been to a few manor houses now since dating Toby and I have to say this one wasn't very impressive, I know we went at the wrong time of year as it's a summer garden but there wasn't much that was inspiring to me.

For my first official lesson I have been put in the pattern cutting rotation, so that is the focus of my study every monday. On our first day we were set out for product research and trend reporting, and to find and buy a pair of stretch-fabric knickers.  

In the afternoon of that session we had to copy out basic fashion blocks from which to work from and adapt over time for our own creations, we had to do 'A-J' and with 2/3 stencils a letter we ended up coping 4 meters of patterns- which isn't very much fun to drag home!

My wednesday rotation is illustration and I can't wait to get started on this one, our first lesson was learning how to create a basic model which we can adjust with our own style and our homework is to research 20 illustrators for our illustration project. I have nearly finished researching mine but with 10/15 colour pages per artist I have been banned from using Toby's printer (after the last time where I printed out 100 pages of research for my summer project)

Today is week 2, in pattern cutting we learnt how to make a block pattern from an already existing garment (that we picked last week) and for our project we have to develop a technical file. It's already so much work but it's all so inspiring and fun to do that I really am enjoying spending all my free time doing it- Toby isn't enjoying it as much...

The work is hard, and there is a lot to remember, and still working along side my course is already becoming a little overwhelming- today I have been up since 6am, at uni 9-5, and working at 5.30-11. Someone bring me coffee!

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