Monday, 1 December 2014

Guess who's back.

Oh little blog I'm so happy you have survived without me for so long! So much has been going on these last few months that I haven't had the time.

My uni course is going fantastically, I'm thinking about starting up a lingerie based blog to have a little place for new designers I find, and inevitably forget the name of and spend hours putting in vague garment descriptions into google and hoping for the best.
I handed in my first project (the construction one) and got a B which I'm so happy with as construction is something I will run screaming from given the chance! This term has flown by I still can't believe we break up for Christmas in less than 2 weeks. 

This is what my life looks like now, surrounded by art materials and sitting in awkward poses to draw from. 

In my second rotation we have started making garments rather than just the pattern blocks and this was the first item we had to make. I got to use 2 completely new to me machines for this one, very simple top (the bone casing machine is so much fun, the industrial overlocker is terrifying!)

In other news life is pretty darn good at the moment. Myself and Toby spent this weekend having dinner out with a good friend of ours and on Sunday we went to Birmingham to visit the Sea Life center for an illustration project I have going on. I have been very good this year with my Christmas shopping, I'm nearly done! For my love I got him a deck of playing cards, some beard oils from a friend who is starting up a new business, a cut throat razor from WW1 and a plant anatomy educational poster from 1940. He has treated me hard to a stunning bag from Doc Martens, I can't actually wait to use it! I only know what I have this year because he was freaking out about it and when he realized that a bra, knicker and suspender set from Agent Provocateur is about £1000, panic really set in! 
My flat is so wonderful, it's a lovely little home for me and hiccup. I'm so settled here I don't know why it took me so long to live alone before. 

Life right now is so good that I have to pinch myself into realizing that it is actually mine. I pinky promise that I'll get back into the habit of updating this more frequently again.

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