Monday, 30 June 2014


Today I have made some big changes to my life. 
I handed in my notice to the orange tree, the place that has been my home for the last 4 or so years. I'm really going to miss that place and the people there who I have loved, lost, laughed and caused some serious mischief with. 
I have also made the first step (after several weeks of um-ing and ah-ing) to become vegan. I have stocked the boys fridge with soya milk and cheese substitutes and once I (finally) get paid this week from my other job, have a big shop of things to keep at his to help with my final desicion...

To become healthy. Theses last two or so weeks my anemia has been really bad, I haven't been able to go more than 6 hours without needing a rest or nap so now I'm taking more care to eat right and do a lot more cardio (especially now I have my big pink bike back).
Me and Toby had a big chat last night about my eating habits, self image, and health and with his help I'm going to become fit and healthy rather than skinny and tired!

Here is to the start of a great week and a newer, happier me!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Date night.

Tonight it's date night and once again i'm sitting around waiting for toby to get ready. I swear he is such a girl sometimes!
We're going to go to pizza express for the first time in forever and to a new cocktail bar called Cank Street. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Momma bear found a wicked corsetry starter kit for me, even though my course wont do corset making until the second year. I'm so excited to learn how to use everything properly! Oh how I wish the standard size wasn't a UK12, I'm going to have to make everything twice so I can wear them! 
I want it to be September already!
Happy dance. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Currently drunk out of my little mind. 
It's been a rad night of free beer at line clean, celebrating a good friends birthday and saying goodbye to a manager who has a promotion and is moving to another site. 

Monday, 23 June 2014


This weekend has been like another holiday. I have monday blues hard. 

We were going to see Kasabian at the park close to where we live as they are playing a one off home show, but last minute decided to go camping instead as we didn't want to waste the lovely weather being indoors and hungover on the sunday. It was the best decision we have ever made. 
We went to a place called Wing up in Rutland where we spent one of our first dates exactly a year ago, last time we got awfully drunk on red wine and climbed a red wood until the early hours, this time was more civilized! We got there about 5pm, set up the tent and had a wonderful vegetarian BBQ, had a glass of wine and played cards until we went for a stroll to the pub for more drinks (I'm still angry for having to pay a pound for soda water!). Once again found ourselves in a locals lock-in at said pub, eventually found our way back to the tent and spent the night giggling and reminiscing over the last year and when we first got together 4 years ago, while watching the sunrise. Magical.

The next day we explored the town of Stamford where we found a book store that we spent about an hour in, I found a first edition of Peter Pan and if I had the 450 pound price tag on me I'd have brought it there and then! Next door we found a shop that had the perfect mix of taxidermy, modern furniture and old trinkets, when I get my student loan through in October we are going back for sure! 
After window shopping we grabbed a picnic and headed for Burghly house and had a wonderful day strolling around the grounds, discovered the most incredible gardens we have both ever seen (I wont even begin to describe it), hand fed some feisty ducks, and had a lovely lunch under a Lebanese Cedar. 

These last few weekends have been so much fun, I forgot how wonderful summer is having adventures with the person you love.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lana and Lingerie

Spending my day listening to the new Lana record and hanging out in my favourite lingerie. 
Tonight me and the boy are having a night in drinking wine and getting fat on pizza. I'm going to have to go for a run! (plus whoever runs the least in a month pays for dinner).

Monday, 16 June 2014

Weekend in Photo's

This weekend has been laaaaavely! 
On friday I got a little pine cone added to my collection thanks to Kiah, hopefully by the end of summer I'll have my arm finished then onto the next one! Friday night was really fun, I met the boys after work and had a few beers and ended up in mosh for the first time in about 4 years- it was actually really, really fun (that place hasn't changed a bit!) on Saturday, again after work, I went to the boys house where we watched the first England game of the world cup, well, watched the first half then we were falling asleep haha!
Sunday was wonderful we hit up the summer fair on the street that I live on, had a wonderful breakfast at Bar Dos and had cuddles under the duvet until I had work (again).

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Today has been heartbreaking. We took little Tiggy bear to the vets today as he was falling off my parents dining room table a few times and the vet said he has heart and thyroid disease and could have some other illnesses from his age. My parents are having to decide the awful truth of whether to spend almost a grand on tests and medicine or just let old age take it's course. 
Bless my little bear he was a wonderful ball of purr throughout, I've never known a kitty to be so content throughout any situation. 
As expected I've been rather upset about the whole thing so Toby is meeting me for a beer and a cuddle soon to help make me feel a bit better about the situation.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stockholm Baby.

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to fly out to Stockholm with my love to go and visit his best friend who moved out there a few months ago. My gosh I have never fell so hard for a city before, from the moment we reached the city from the airport I was smitten. Gorgeous tall, quirky buildings, cobbled floors and so many little treasures to discover around every corner.

The weekend in a whole was too much fun to put into words, on the first day we hung out at our friends apartment (which looked like a Habitat showhome) had a few drinks and a shower to forget about the 9hours of traveling on 3hours sleep and went to the Brew Dog bar they have on one of the islands. After a pint or 4 (having a round cost 1/4 of the money you brought will make anyone find a new appreciation for beer) we went and play a few rounds of bowling and carried on drinking at home until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. 

Day 2 and we were lucky enough to escape a hangover and the weather was anything less than perfect. We all spent the day aimlessly walking around the city where we found an underground cellar bar, had sorbet, had a walk through the palace and relaxed in a square watching the world go by. At night me and Toby went on a late night mission to a 7/11 and I can't explain how but found our way around without even thinking about it. 

Day 3 (my favourite day) myself and Lisa went shopping to give the boys time to catch up and she showed me something that nearly had me weeping with joy, a H&M the size of a department store. I later found out she had called the boys at one point because she lost me to re-find me with an armful of clothes and practically hyperventilating from excitement. An hour or so later we re-joined the boys, and my gosh I have never known two people to get so drunk so fast! 
The afternoon was pure laughing at the boys, Toby getting outrageously soppy, arm wrestles, beers and card games until we finally made our way over to the marina to have a drink on a boat overlooking the city.
At night we literally stumbled into a food and music festival and proceeded to spend the next 5 hours there until the event was over, myself and Lisa stalking men that looked like Ryan Gosling (of which there are a lot) discovering a crazy new version of group ping-pong, myself and Stewart singing an American country style duet (very,very badly).

It was possibly the best holiday I have ever been on and I can't wait until August when we can return.

A tribute to Tiggs.

My little old puss is poorly. I got home from a holiday to Sweden and my mom called me to let me know my bear was having seizures and not doing to well. I went over to visit him yesterday and we sat in the garden and I hand fed him some chicken and we had a lovely cuddle and as always he was a big purr machine. I've never known a kitty with such a kind soul, he is truly a rare breed. 

No-one has been able to find him today.

An Introduction.

HeyHey, I'm jess a 20 something barmaid and lingerie designer from the midlands in the UK. I'm a tattoo collector, slightly obsessed with cats and a hoarder of skulls. I am making this blog as a diary of my life (as boring as it is from time-to-time) to document the good days, the clothing and the times we won't remember.