Thursday, 17 July 2014

A photo an hour(ish)

So this is my photo an hour (ish) as I've had the day off and it was too lovely outside to be sat in sewing so here it is! My morning started off by saying goodbye to Toby for the day, and after a cup of tea at 6.30am I was not ready to sleep so I watched Peter Pan, my number one nostalgia movie!

It's quite a bad photo but my freckles have come out really well this year due to being in the sun so much, my hands are covered in what my momma calls my beauty dots :)

Apparently this little puss is becoming quite the adventurer and spends loads of time in the social club that backs onto our garden! I wish where I worked had a pub cat...

I ventured to my parents today for a catch up and spent a long time reading feminist erotica in the garden, this writer is incredible if your haven't read her work already I highly recommend it!

Me and momma bear took a little shopping trip and I got this b-e-a-utiful new shade of lipstick! 

My little bean is doing a lot better now he is on his meds but his tummy is so swollen and he is giving signs that his kidneys are failing, we will know more when he has another vet appointment next week.

Myself and my mom got bored so she coloured my hair for me. I'm back to outrageously bright orange summer hair like I had this time last year :) I'm thinking of doing a re-cap of the last year as a kind of diary entry because I've been thinking a lot about it lately and how much of a roller coaster it's been!

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