Monday, 28 July 2014


... has been quite lovely. I had a lazy morning watching TV at the boys while he was at work, sent in some final bits for my (hopefully) new home, I put the deposit down on Wednesday so I'll know by then if it's mine or not. I got a bit crafty and re-framed some memories from the last few weeks, oh how I love rotating my art prints I have a silly big collection. My favourite one is a pressed flower from our weekend camping and a little love note. 
While I was at work Toby txt me to let me know he has booked train tickets to London for my birthday so we are going to get drunk in the Natural History Museum on the 16th August. I'm so happy I get to go there it's my favourite place on earth and they are showing the most intact mammoth uncovered to date until the 3rd September so I'll get to see her! I've been raving about it since May!

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