Wednesday, 10 December 2014

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 This last week has been a pretty quiet one. It's my last week of study for the year, on Monday I made my first bra- a medium support soft cup, otherwise known as a 'granny' bra. It was really fun to make and useful to know that one basic pattern, with minimal changes can be used to create sports and maternity bra's. As previously posted I managed to finish off a mood board to go alongside my illustration project, today I'm hoping to finish off my trend report and then use the christmas holidays to focus on my sketchbook and design development.

I'm so excited for christmas this year it's unreal! On the 23rd me and Toby are making our dinners to take to our parents as both are family's still eat meat and we don't want to put our parents through the hassle of making two dinners. It's going to be our christmas eve before we both go and spend actual christmas eve and christmas day with our families. Then on boxing day evening we are having his, mine and Hiccups christmas day at mine. I don't know what exactly to make yet and I don't exactly have a lot of kitchen utensils/ space so it should be an interesting one!
Toby is actually meeting my father on sunday too, something he has been avoiding for the last year and a half! It's so charming how nervous he is.

 My PETA 'SeaWorldKills' t-shirt arrived this week and I've pretty much been living in it! The whole SeaWorld issue is very close to me and something I'm very passionate about. The closer it is getting to the new year the more excited I'm becoming about going completely vegan. I already cut out meat, fish, egg and milk, so it's only the two vices in my life that I have to stop eating. Oh I'm going to miss cheese and chocolate so much but it will be worth it knowing nothing has suffered for it. I have found that I'm feeling increasingly more guilty when I do eat cheese so hopefully it will be an easy transition and Toby won't wake up at 3am to find me sobbing by the fridge with an empty wheel of wensleydale!

 After a fantastic day in Birmingham <3

 My croquis (model) development for final pose ideas. I keep choosing overly-complicated poses and not making simple ones that I can just scan, print and draw my designs over. It's not wasted by any means, the more poses I draw the better understanding of movement I get but I do really need to focus on the project at hand and not spend my time drawing, swearing and rubbing out something I don't need at the moment (while watching american horror story).

 I still can't believe how much my hair has grown this past 2 years. It is really odd looking at old photos and wondering why I EVER thought a bowl cut was a good look for me. And I kept going back to it too, I'd let my hair grow a little and then, bam, next day I've got this bad haircut, shaved from my ears down and dyed jet black.

'Have a real tree of chistmas isn't happening' state of mind since 1989.

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