Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stockholm Baby.

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to fly out to Stockholm with my love to go and visit his best friend who moved out there a few months ago. My gosh I have never fell so hard for a city before, from the moment we reached the city from the airport I was smitten. Gorgeous tall, quirky buildings, cobbled floors and so many little treasures to discover around every corner.

The weekend in a whole was too much fun to put into words, on the first day we hung out at our friends apartment (which looked like a Habitat showhome) had a few drinks and a shower to forget about the 9hours of traveling on 3hours sleep and went to the Brew Dog bar they have on one of the islands. After a pint or 4 (having a round cost 1/4 of the money you brought will make anyone find a new appreciation for beer) we went and play a few rounds of bowling and carried on drinking at home until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. 

Day 2 and we were lucky enough to escape a hangover and the weather was anything less than perfect. We all spent the day aimlessly walking around the city where we found an underground cellar bar, had sorbet, had a walk through the palace and relaxed in a square watching the world go by. At night me and Toby went on a late night mission to a 7/11 and I can't explain how but found our way around without even thinking about it. 

Day 3 (my favourite day) myself and Lisa went shopping to give the boys time to catch up and she showed me something that nearly had me weeping with joy, a H&M the size of a department store. I later found out she had called the boys at one point because she lost me to re-find me with an armful of clothes and practically hyperventilating from excitement. An hour or so later we re-joined the boys, and my gosh I have never known two people to get so drunk so fast! 
The afternoon was pure laughing at the boys, Toby getting outrageously soppy, arm wrestles, beers and card games until we finally made our way over to the marina to have a drink on a boat overlooking the city.
At night we literally stumbled into a food and music festival and proceeded to spend the next 5 hours there until the event was over, myself and Lisa stalking men that looked like Ryan Gosling (of which there are a lot) discovering a crazy new version of group ping-pong, myself and Stewart singing an American country style duet (very,very badly).

It was possibly the best holiday I have ever been on and I can't wait until August when we can return.

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