Monday, 23 June 2014


This weekend has been like another holiday. I have monday blues hard. 

We were going to see Kasabian at the park close to where we live as they are playing a one off home show, but last minute decided to go camping instead as we didn't want to waste the lovely weather being indoors and hungover on the sunday. It was the best decision we have ever made. 
We went to a place called Wing up in Rutland where we spent one of our first dates exactly a year ago, last time we got awfully drunk on red wine and climbed a red wood until the early hours, this time was more civilized! We got there about 5pm, set up the tent and had a wonderful vegetarian BBQ, had a glass of wine and played cards until we went for a stroll to the pub for more drinks (I'm still angry for having to pay a pound for soda water!). Once again found ourselves in a locals lock-in at said pub, eventually found our way back to the tent and spent the night giggling and reminiscing over the last year and when we first got together 4 years ago, while watching the sunrise. Magical.

The next day we explored the town of Stamford where we found a book store that we spent about an hour in, I found a first edition of Peter Pan and if I had the 450 pound price tag on me I'd have brought it there and then! Next door we found a shop that had the perfect mix of taxidermy, modern furniture and old trinkets, when I get my student loan through in October we are going back for sure! 
After window shopping we grabbed a picnic and headed for Burghly house and had a wonderful day strolling around the grounds, discovered the most incredible gardens we have both ever seen (I wont even begin to describe it), hand fed some feisty ducks, and had a lovely lunch under a Lebanese Cedar. 

These last few weekends have been so much fun, I forgot how wonderful summer is having adventures with the person you love.

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