Thursday, 19 March 2015

A big old post of updates.

Can I just take a moment to ask, when did it become March?! I swear it was only last month I was enrolling onto my dream course and now I'm two projects away from completing my first year. Wow. 
It has been an unimaginable few months though, I have discovered so much about myself, my abilities, been inspired by so many of the wonderful people I get to surround myself with everyday.

This bra and knicker set was the first set I created to a professional level. I don't think I'd ever part with it! It's by no means perfect, I still have to much to learn! 
It is pretty darn cute though...

I've also been busy making other garments, like this skirt and top set that was inspired by a conversation over a beer at the pub!

Some exciting news on the personal front, I'm going to be living with a boy again! I'm really going to miss living alone, it's been so much fun and has surprisingly taught me an awful lot, but my gosh I'm excited for August. I'm being treated to my own sewing room in our future house which is what I think I'm most excited about, no more having to squeeze all my fabrics, trims and equipment into a corner of my bedroom! We are looking at buying a dog too as Toby can take him to work so if anyone has and recommendations for breeds or where to go to get a rescue that would be amazing!

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