Thursday, 19 March 2015

Parisian Chic- Take One

One of my final projects for this year is called Parisian Chic. Most of the girls got to travel to Paris for a few days (I didn't go due to work and cat-momma duties) and we have to base our first design to construction project based on something in Paris that inspired us. As I didn't go I decided to look at Iron Railings, developing that idea into a final pattern to go onto fabric and create my design. 

This week has been my first week into the construction side of this project, the heat is on now! 

Above is a little look into some initial design ideas for my final garment. We were briefed that we need to construct a bra, knicker and suspender set. Using methods and techniques that we have been taught throughout this year.

Now we have began making our garments my life has become a hectic bra related mess, well, more so than normal that is! I've spent the last week utilizing ever spare moment on developing my garment patterns, I want to do as much as I can from scratch to show that I've been practicing what's been taught.

My sketchbook work is mostly looking into a pattern development, taking inspiration from my initial idea of Iron railing but making it fashion forward. I've also looked into mirror imaging and incorporated that into what will (hopefully) be my final design, which is below. My aim is to use velvet powder and flock the patten onto powernet, I was going to use the help of the textiles department but the studio will be closed for 3 weeks over Easter so I have to come up with a way of doing this by hand. I may need to simplify my design...

My first toile (rough copy) was finished today, I need to steal a friend for half an hour or so to have a fitting. The garment fits just fine on a mannequin but how it fits on the body is another story. Please excuse the fabric, this is a test piece to see if I need to make any alterations to my design and this delightful striped polyester was the closest thing I had to the fabric I want to use for my final garment. Think satin black with the same black mesh shown with the design above printed on. 
I still have to toile up my suspender belt, something that has been tormenting me for days, I can't mentally figure out how to best approach what I want to do! 

As I mentioned this is an ongoing project, I'll keep updating with the development process. If anyone has any ideas or tips I'd love to hear them!

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