Monday, 23 March 2015

Home Inspo- Urban Outfitters.


Now I'm not normally a big Urban Outfitters fan, I think a lot of the products are badly made and their garments have a higher mark up than the exact same brand that also sells on ASOS. That makes me very grumpy. That being said, I stumbled across their Instagram account yesterday and proceed to then spend the next half an hour glued to my phone looking at what I can only describe as interior porn.  
Some of these images I'm using for reference are styled using UO products, some are inspo pieces from peoples houses (like the one above that I am in love with). Whenever I move house I become obsessed with pinterest and IG, looking an home ideas and ways to style, simple storage used creatively and plants, so many plants! I've always dreamed of living in a house turned jungle and hopefully now I'm dating someone who actually knows how to care for plants this can become a reality!




I've been trying to come up with cleaver and easy access storage ideas for my sewing room, I need to be able to see what I have easily, keep my elastic and trims neat and untangled, everything needs to be very organized. Right now it's an organized mess, I know where everything is (roughly) but once I'm making the room ends up covered in bits and pieces, my bed becomes my pattern cutting station, my floor becomes my bin and the cat becomes my worst enemy with thinking the elastic I'm using means play time. 

If you have any cleaver and stylish storage ideas or ways of staying organized please get in touch!

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