Friday, 27 March 2015

Parisian Project- Take Two

This week has been a slightly mad one. It's the first week of the Easter holidays so I've had no classes = A LOT of time to myself. I swear by Wednesday I had lost all social skills. Thanks to my lovely mom I've been able to order my velvet power, which needs to arrive soon so I can get my final set done and dusted. 

Below is my revised final design, flocked in purple rather than grey as it was a test piece. I played around a lot with adhesives, acrylic, nail varnish, puffy paint and found that plain old acrylic worked best. Stressful work though because I need to work very quickly and accurately before the paint dries and the flock won't stick- cue 3 hours of dabbing on paint with a toothpick!
I think it came out really nicely though and will look really effective on the bra and knickers, complementing the design.



Below is a toile of my bra in the final chosen fabric. I'm so gutted that the side cup got a ladder, proof that this fabric is so delicate and difficult to work with. I'm going to draw up another one looking at re-placing my darts because I think there is too much excess fabric at the center front, it may look different when worn though, my current mannequin isn't any particular shape really and it's quite frustrating! I cannot wait for my contour mannequin to arrive, I bought it about 4 months ago when the university was making an order and they were sent back as they arrived without covers! 



I decided to go with a lightweight silk fabric, most commonly used for lining a garment. You can't see in the photo but teamed with the mesh gives it an almost leather effect, which I'm very much a fan of! Obviously this garment isn't finished, I need to wait until the contour shop is open after Easter for the hook and eye and some sliders for the neckline.

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