Friday, 27 March 2015

My week in photos.

In the rare moments that I haven't been up to my elbows in bras and knickers there has still been lots going on. I had my weekly coffee date with my momma, we spend it catching up on each others sewing like were little old ladies! I think we are going to be having dinner soon with a girl we used to foster nearly 12 years ago, as we have got back in contact. I'm really looking forward to it but also quite nervous, 12 years is a long time and she was in the first year of school when she left us, so there is literally a life time of catching up to do.


My darling bought his first grown up toy this week. She is called Harriet (after the missing girl from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and I'm having orange envy hard! He was so scarily happy when he bought it over and gave little hiccup such a fright when he turned it on in my little court yard! We had a lovely evening together on Thursday, went out for a few drinks to wind down after the long day, cooked dinner and watched Daughters Of Darkness while cuddled up in bed.
Tomorrow we are having dinner out but neither of us can make a decision on where! Any suggestions of vegan friendly restaurants in Leicester would be greatly appreciated! 


I added some of my previous work to my wall as motivation. I'm really avoiding doing my sketchbook work (as usual) because I don't think I'm a strong drawer. It's so frustrating because I want to show that I know what direction I'm taking things, that I understand the processes but I just can't seem to portray it how I like on paper! 


While I was trying to fix my printer I got the feeling I was being watched and managed to snap a quick photo of the accused. Oh I love my little night fury ever so.

The best thing that has happened to me, in possibly the last year, was that Toby treated me to a showing of Drive at the Phoenix Arts center. Drive is my all time favourite modern movie and I missed it when it was first shown. A few months ago BBC did a re-score of the soundtrack, it was okay. Nothing exciting and definitely changed the entire feel of the film, getting rid of the heavy neon 80s vibe and using tracks that just didn't flow with the otherwise almost silent movie really hit a nerve with me and I'm SO happy that we saw the original score. It sounds really pathetic but I got a little emotional at the start! 
Toby has got some serious boyfriend points from this one.

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